Diamond Visit for Hampshire SkillForce Students

Posted on 25th January 2013: 4:05 pm

“Honour is the brightest jewel” (Honor clarissima gemma) is the motto of HMS Diamond, the naval ship which two sparkling groups of Hampshire students visitd in January.

Students from The Henry Cort Community College in Fareham and Lord Wilson school near Southampton visited HMS Diamond, a naval destroyer, at its home base of Portsmouth this month.

The aim of the trip was to gather information for their coursework towards the “SkillForce Community Character Contribution” curriculum – with the added bonus of exploring one of the Royal Navy’s newest ships.

The students took a tour of the whole ship including the bridge, operations room and helicopter flight deck. SkillForce students were also put through their paces with hands-on exercises such as fire-fighting on board and “shoring” – bracing the ship to stop leaks.

On behalf of all at SkillForce, we would like to say a big thank you to HMS Diamond for their hospitality.