Warm Welcome at Fire Station for SkillForce

Posted on 27th February 2013: 10:52 am

Students from Blackley Co-Operative Academy in Greater Manchester received a warm welcome from local fire fighters this month.

As part of the six-formers’ Uniformed Public Services course, 15 students were put through their paces by S17 Green Watch in their local community fire station in Blackley, taking part in hose drills and training exercises.

Community Safety Advisor and Retained Firefighter Lewis Jeffery said: “The skills the young people learn by doing a public service course will certainly aid in their development to join any one of the public services in the future. This practical experience day demonstrated to them why we work as a team and why it’s so important.”

SkillForce instructor Mike Newton said: “A big thank you to the firefighters for Blackley for inspiring our young people. Our Uniformed Services course is an important tool which helps our students prepare for next steps in their lives, and there is nothing better than hands-on experience and speaking to the professionals. It was a hugely motivating day.”