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Our Impact

The impact of The Prince William Award and our supporting programmes has been profound.

Evaluation reports into The Prince William Award have found that it has significant impact on socio-emotional development, attitudes to learning, resilience and outcomes and results.

The innovative awards programme, backed by the Duke of Cambridge and run by national education charity SkillForce, uses predominatly ex-Service men and women to help children and young people develop self-confidence and good character through interactive lessons and community projects.

Piloted across 35 primary and secondary schools in the 2016/17 academic year, the programme was subject to two rigorous independent evaluations; one by Chrysalis Research and the other by Newcastle University.

The evaluations looked at the impact the programme had on nearly 1,000 students aged between six and 14, using student and teacher surveys, school assessment and monitoring data and a standardised referenced behaviour scale known as DESSA.

A second report completed by Newcastle University looked more closely at how the programme helped young people be more resilient.

It found that:

  • Children who participated in the pilot of the Prince William Award reported higher levels of mental toughness post-Award when compared to pre-Award
  • Teachers reported significant reductions in behaviour difficulties post-Award when compared to pre-Award
  • Children perceived there to be several benefits of the Award, including improved confidence, management of emotions, perseverance, interpersonal skills, and self- reflection

“The decision to get involved in The Prince William Award has proved to be one of the most important decisions I’ve made in my leadership career. Investment in the Award has been rewarded with high Impact outcomes for all learners in their; social, emotional, physical and academic development.

“It is rare and unique in that it challenges pupils of diversely varying abilities and delivers for all.
As a school we seek innovative, creative and fun approaches to curriculum delivery with guaranteed high impact learner outcomes. Simply, SkillForce delivers on all fronts.”

Jon Murphy, Headteacher, Llanfoist Fawr Primary School

The impact of the award has been profound:

of pupils and a similar proportion of staff rated the programmes as good or very good.

The number of pupils with high levels of socio-emotional competency grew from 4% to 22%

of participants said the programme helped them do better in their learning.

outcomes in reading, writing and maths improved by up to 24 percentage points.

“There were improvements in each aspect of children’s mental toughness…(and) there were also reductions in the extent of behaviour difficulties as reported by class teachers. Repeated measures revealed that the improvement in total mental toughness was statistically significant.”

Dr Helen St Clair-Thompson, Newcastle University’s School of Psychology


“The significant and valuable impact that The Prince William Award has had so far is clear and tangible.

Not only do the evaluations have hard evidence that the programme is helping to prepare young people for the challenges and opportunities that await them, but the anecdotal feedback contained in the reports is both immensely heart-warming and rewarding.

Whether it be the impact on the whole classes, or how our ex-service men and women have become role models for young people and supported them to overcome personal challenges, the outcome for those schools completing the award is profound.

Our vision is that this programme will be at the forefront of how character and resilience is taught in schools across the country.”



Ben Slade
Chief Executive

Beyond The Prince William Award

Our impact goes beyond The Prince William Award. All our programmes are transforming the lives and life chances of young people. Over the last two years alone, across all of our programmes we have supported in excess of 12,000 young people from the Highlands of Scotland to the White Cliffs of Dover.

Our Social Impact Report gives the breast view of the difference the work of the charity and our instructors has made.

Social Impact Report

Complementary Role Models

During the 10 years we have supported over 600 veterans to make the switch to civilian life. This is making a real difference to their lives as we are giving them training, opportunities and guidance that may not have been afforded to them.

“I had all the skills required after being on the troop training for 7 years and on previous training on squadrons. I just wanted to pass my skills and experience on to young people – I tell them the story that I had nothing, but I gained skills in the military and by working with SkillForce.”

Rik Corrigan, SkillForce Instructor

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