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Join us for a spectacular event aboard HMS President

Would you and your guests like to join us for a truly memorable event aboard HMS President to help raise money for SkillForce?

This is an exclusive opportunity to treat staff, friends or your valuable networks to a grand event on this prestigious ship.

You’ll also have the chance to tour The Jubilee Sailing Trust’s Tall Ship SV Tenacious which will be docked alongside HMS President and most importantly you’ll be helping children and young people benefit from our pioneering education programmes.

Our mission at SkillForce is to help all children develop vital confidence, resilience and self-belief.

We believe, passionately, in reaching young people as early as age six in order to help them develop these core values and then carry these with them throughout their life.

We often ask adults, have YOU truly been able to reach your potential in life?

Whatever your answer, we’re sure you will feel proud to be part of this exciting journey with us, to help make sure as many young people as possible have the confidence and self-worth to follow their dreams.

Please see the invite below and contact Elizabeth Manning for ticket information.


Previous words from SkillForce Royal Patron, HRH The Duke of Cambridge KG KT

“It has always been my motto that every young person should have the chance to fulfil his or her potential in life. To be robbed of that chance through circumstances or through a less privileged start in life is deeply unfair. It is the mark of a civilised and loving society that everyone is given the chance to do their best – nothing more, nothing less.”

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