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Praise from Head Teacher and SkillForce Ambassador Jon Murphy

We are really excited to see that one of our SkillForce ambassadors, Headteacher Jon Murphy from Llanfoist Fawr Primary school has featured in an article published in the National Association for Able Children in Education.

The focus of the article is the hot topic of character education and why he believes that it is essential for all young people. “At Llanfoist Fawr Primary School, we also firmly believe that nurturing non-academic attributes such as resilience, determination and teamwork is a prerequisite to sound learning. Learning only takes place if the conditions are right and children can cope with the pressures and challenges thrown up by school and life beyond school. And until an individual knows themselves and feels happy in their own skin, they cannot fully realise what they are capable of.”

Jon talks about how they have adopted a ‘whole-school’ approach to character education and how the Prince William Award fits in with this: “There is no single method for developing character-based curriculum provision. At Llanfoist we have aligned our character education work with the NACE Challenge Framework and with the SkillForce Prince William Award (PWA), for which we were selected as a pilot school. The PWA and NACE Challenge Framework complement and enhance each other perfectly, ensuring challenge for all”

He describes the impact of the Prince William Award “The impact can be seen in every lesson; we see children become more resilient, self-regulating and develop self-belief. The guiding principles and associated behaviours become second nature as learners assimilate, value and live them”

We are very grateful to Jon and the school for all the support.

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