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Active Mentoring

The SkillForce Active Mentoring programme supports young people who, for some reason, have become ‘stuck’ in their education and their life, enabling them to realise their potential.

It is all about a proactive approach to helping young people overcome the barriers that are holding them back, value their learning, take responsibility for their actions and flourish.

Carefully trained SkillForce mentors use practical activities to promote the mentoring conversation, allowing young people to speak openly and honestly, without pressure, in a safe environment – within the parameters of a clearly defined Safeguarding/Child Protection Protocol.

The programme also offers Active Mentoring training to existing school and college mentoring staff.

Confidence and self-belief
to overcome challenges and try again
to help manage difficult situations
of self and the consequences of their behaviour
leadership and communication skills

What does the programme cover?

The Active Mentoring programme involves a mixture of individual and small group work. The programme is designed to tackle fears and insecurities, build trust, develop character and identity, as well as increase self-confidence.

Course content includes:

Practical activities to engage young people and provide a context for mentoring conversations to take place
Challenges to build mental and physical resilience
Positive role modeling to complement the work of teachers and staff in schools
Reflection and activities that reinforce the value of learning and the best way to go about it

The SkillForce Active Mentors will report to the school on a regular basis and record improvements. Feedback will also be provided to parents and carers as appropriate.

How Does It Work?

The Active Mentoring programme can be delivered in school or college time or after school or college, during a whole year or within a term.

Some of the work is classroom based, but there are also off-site activities. We start by establishing your school or college’s particular requirements. We meet with the students nominated for the programme individually and make an assessment of their current position. We then develop a personalised programme of mentoring for each student, as well as a tailored programme of group activity suited to the mix of students being mentored.

This can also extend to include tailored training for existing school or college mentors. The programme is delivered by SkillForce Instructors – predominantly ex-Services personnel who understand what it takes to build teams, solve problems, succeed at challenges and lead, as well as serve others in highly demanding and pressurised situations. Instructors act as positive role models outside of the classroom and are trained in mentoring. All are highly experienced in working with young people and have Enhanced DBS/PVG certification.

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"I enjoy school more because of SkillForce. I like the way we learn. I feel more confident to try things – it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t go right first time."


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Student: Aiden
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