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Remember What We Stand For #RWWSF campaign

From November 1st until Remembrance Sunday, our digital Remember What We Stand For campaign – #RWWSF – features video messages from former Armed Forces personnel, talking about personal values that were important to them throughout their military careers.

The video messages will be released across SkillForce’s Social Media Channels – look out for them and give them a share.

The campaign is about reminding us all of these important values and why veterans make such brilliant role models. It also raises awareness of the charity’s work and highlights why our instructors are passionate about supporting young people.

As part of the #RWWSF campaign we hope to raise money for SkillForce so if the video messages from SkillForce staff members strike a chord with you, please do share them and visit our Just Giving Page.
Many of our service veterans saw active service in conflict zones. These heroes who once served their country, are now ‘heroes in schools’ serving local communities, inspiring positive values and characteristics in young people via our Prince William Award so that they can live happy, healthy lives.

The Prince William Award champions confidence, resilience, teamwork and communication skills. The month of Remembrance also gives our instructors the chance to explain to children why it is so important to remember those who have fallen. It enables them to draw on their own life experiences and talk to children about important values and principles like courage, optimism, listening, self-belief, empathy and respect.

We believe every child can benefit from developing a set of positive personal values to live their life by.

You can help our service veterans inspire these values in children and young people by visiting

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