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Every November people up and down the country take the time to remember those have fought and given their lives for their country.

This year SkillForce is asking that we not only stop and take a moment to reflect – but also to acknowledge and celebrate the impact that ex-Service men and women can play in their communities.

Using the hashtag #RememberWhatWeStandFor, throughout the month of remembrance we will be posting videos of SkillForce staff and our ex-Service personnel talking about their experiences serving their country – and how they use these experiences to help shape our work with young people.

Earlier this year SkillForce launched The Prince William Award, a pioneering new character and resilience programme that empowers young people from ages of 6 – 14 to dare to be their best.

Ben Slade, Chief Executive of SkillForce, said: “In the short period of time the Award has been operational in schools, the impact has been profound. Last year our first cohort saw marked increases not just in behaviours and character, but also in what they achieved in school.

“The people who turn these young lives around are our brilliant instructors, the majority of whom have served their country in the British Armed Forces.

“These ‘heroes in schools’ embody the Service values and understand the importance of teamwork, resilience and self-discipline. They are the complementary role models that many children need working alongside their teachers.”

So, during November, please watch the videos of ex-Service men and women talking about their experiences. The impact that they have, both during and after their time serving their country, can be profound.

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