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SkillForce delighted to be part of Citi’s e for Education campaign

Citi, the leading global bank, has launched its annual e for Education campaign, a global initiative which has raised over $16 million for education-focused not-for-profits since the inception of the campaign in 2013.

recent survey, commissioned by the Citi Foundation and conducted by Ipsos, highlights that access to education remains a key challenge for young people globally. Based on interviews of over 7,000 young people in 45 cities across 32 countries, the survey found that 69% of young people see education as beyond their financial means.

Through e for Education organisations like SkillForce will be supported to help address these inequalities.

Nadir Mahmud, Citi’s Global Head of Foreign Exchange and Local Markets, said: “The five-year milestone of Citi’s e for Education campaign is a testament to our commitment to increasing financial inclusion and empowering young people globally.

“We are proud of the significant progress achieved through the campaign to date and grateful for the support that our clients and staff have consistently demonstrated to facilitate equal access to quality education in the communities we operate in.”

In addition to the donations raised on the back of electronic trading activity, Citi clients and employees also support selected not for profits through a series of educational activities including CV clinics, mock interviews, trading simulation, visits to the trading floor and economics lessons.

Ben Slade, Chief Executive of SkillForce, said: “Citi’s support has had a transformational impact not just on our charity, but on the young people we work with. Thanks to the support of E for Education, we have ensured that SkillForce is developing programmes that are leading the way in character and resilience education and daring young people to be their best selves.

“The impact has been profound, and our aspirations for the future are significant. It would not be an exaggeration to say that without the generous support of the financial sector, it would be significantly more difficult for ourselves and other charities to achieve their goals.”

The global charities e for Education will support include:

  • Civic Builders: develops high-performing charter schools where need is greatest across the U.S
  • EMpower: supports at-risk youth in emerging market countries
  • Fallen Patriots:  provides college scholarships and educational counselling to North American children who have lost a parent in the U.S. military
  • Room to Read: focuses on increasing literacy and gender equality in education in low-income countries
  • SkillForce: uses Veterans to dare young people in the UK to be their best selves
  • Teach First: trains and support committed individuals to become inspirational classroom leaders in low-income communities across England and Wales
  • Uncommon Schools: starts and manages 52 public schools serving 18,000 students in the US to prepare low-income students to graduate from college

Itay Tuchman, Global Head of FX Trading at Citi, said: “The e for Education initiative builds on Citi’s expertise and track record of helping young people gain the necessary knowledge, skills and resources they need to realize their full potential.

“We look forward to working with our non-profit partners to further support youth inclusion and help young people move towards their career goals.”

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