Our Impact

Impact is key to what we do, so we are always seeking to evaluate our services in the light of feedback and available data. There is an unavoidable time lag in collation of overall key data, which is reliant upon reporting after the end of each Academic Year. Milestone reporting on specific activities is always possible though, through the ongoing data recorded on our Knowledge Management System (KMS).

Our programme provision continues to evolve in content in order to respond to the requirements of both a changing curriculum and the schools and young people we serve. There is therefore data that is common to our wider operation, as well as more specialised data that can be drawn upon for our work in specific areas.

“SkillForce is a highly successful programme which has the potential to turn around the lives of disaffected young people. Participating young people demonstrate major improvements in attendance, behaviour, punctuality, and the use of bad language with fewer exclusions and fewer incidents of aggressive behaviour. There are improvements in their personal development, academic attainment and aspirations.” ‘Evaluation of SkillForce Zero Exclusions Pilot,’ Institute of Education, University College London, 2013

We are proud of the evidence of impact that we have gathered so far on our long-running programmes. The following Key Data, drawn from the academic year 2013/14, together with a sample of the Feedback we have received and the Inspiring Stories of those participating in our programmes demonstrate the significant value of SkillForce’s intervention in the lives of young people.

“Students at the unit develop improved social skills and the ability to work with adults. These, along with the academic qualifications, prepare them well for the next stage in their education or the world of work.” (feedback from an OFSTED visit to a SkillForce Back on Track programme in South Shields, 2013)

In the final analysis, our greatest champions are the young people themselves. Here is a selection of their assessments of our work:


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